Make Time

by Elise Bauman x Ellevan

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Love and Creativity, stay loyal to them both.


How are things still the same?
I thought that they may have changed.
I guess I gotta make some time, for me, right now.

And I don't know how I'm supposed to tell you,
That I ain't been acting like my true self,
you say the change I'm makin' got me rude, well,
this is a mountain, I don't move hills.

When its supposed to be us, I'm always focusing'
distracted, by these people, who don't seem to notice me,
honestly? this is like a note to thy self,
always take time to invest in thy wealth,
I'd really like to do this, but I can't by myself,
I'm not even on the market yet, I can't buy myself,
If I didn't find you, then I couldn't find myself,
I'd be in the darkness, all by myself,
You're my place to be,
While I'm facing these,
amazing feats, gracefully,
I just feel saved by my creativity,

I'll make time for you,
*Oh, For you?
If you'll make time for me,
*Make time, for you?

I'll find time, for you, If you'll find time, for me.

I give you more than, I give myself,
Starting to feel like, someone else,
when you told me that you needed time and needed space,
How long'll that take? 'till your back in place
at first we had a spark, and then we lost our flame,
and now it's clear to me, that we ain't the same,

*and it used to be what brought us together,
one half of a whole, is not the half of another,

I thought if we were together, I'd be connected and better,
But I guess its all relative.

You say I gotta make time, but you take mine,
I feel like I've left me behind.

So now I gotta rewind, get up off the decline and re-find the charge of my creative mind.

You, take time, for you, and I'll take time for me.

We said things that were unforgiven,
resentment's no way of livin'
a compromise doesn't mean you give in
Just more willin', to keep on buildin',
a new beginnin'

*hums out


released November 9, 2016
Vocals: Elise Bauman & Ellevan
Written by Ellevan & Elise Bauman
Produced & Mixed by Ellevan
Guitar Nick Tateishi @MixMunk



all rights reserved


Elise Bauman x Ellevan Toronto, Ontario

Making music, spreading love.

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